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NOLO's Quick LLC.: All You Need to Know About Limited Liability Companies (7th Edition); by Anthony Mancuso Attorney

Explains the advantages and drawbacks of forming an LLC. This book covers: limiting your personal liability; who should – and shouldn't – form an LLC; choosing between a member-run or a manager-run LLC; LLCs compared to corporations, partnerships and sole proprietorships; and how to keep your tax status simple at the start. Practical, concise and written in easy to read plain English, this book provides the latest facts, figures and updated tax information you'll need to know about this structure for your small business.



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How to Use Limited Liability Companies and Limited Partnerships; by Garrett Sutton

Designed for entrepreneurs and individuals interested in starting their own business, this book provides an in-depth study of how the special characteristics of limited partnerships and limited liability companies may be used to your advantage and to assist you in protecting assets, managing wealth and strategic estate planning to minimize taxes. It features strategic uses of LLCs and LPs to hold real estate and other assets, how to easily manage and operate an LLC or LP, how to creatively plan for your future and your family's future, and how to follow the rules to keep your assets protected.



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Asset Protection: Concepts and Strategies for Protecting Your Wealth; by Jay Adkisson

In today’s increasingly litigious world, the shielding of assets has become a prominent issue for financial planners, business owners, and high-net-worth individuals. Asset Protection details methods that are both legally and morally legitimate for protecting one’s assets from creditors, lawsuits, and scams, with lots of real world examples. Get the inside story on strategies for shielding assets both today and in the future, from everything from lawsuits and the IRS to creditors and even outright scams, in the comprehensive, well written, and indispensable guide, by two of today’s top lawyers.



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The ABA Consumer Guide to Asset Protection: A Step-by-Step Guide to Preserving Wealth; by Jeffery Matsen

Leading asset protection attorney Jeffrey Matsen provides a step-by-step guide to creating a "shield of liability" around personal and business assets through a combination of business and investment entity selections; estate planning techniques; and the creation of appropriate trusts. Matsen's multi-tiered approach is designed to help virtually everyone who has significant assets and to provide a plan appropriate to their particular circumstances. If you are concerned about protecting your assets this book is required reading.


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