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Quick Corporate Minutes
Quick Corporate Minutes (aka "QuickMinutes") will allow you to enter your state-required corporate minutes and resolution requirements. http://www.quickcorporateminutes.com/


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The Corporate Records Handbook: Meetings, Minutes and Resolutions, 5th Edition; by Anthony Mancuso Attorney; Publisher: NOLO

Because meeting minutes are the primary paper trail of a corporation's legal life, it's important to know when and how to prepare these minutes. The Corporate Records Handbook provides all the forms, plus instructions, you need, both as tear-outs and on CD-ROM — to insert into your minutes book. Anthony Mancuso is a well known author of many business and legal handbooks and everything is explained in easy-to-read terms. This practical guide is highly recommended for anyone operating a corporation.



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Your Limited Liability Company: An Operating Manual, 7th Edition; by Anthony Mancuso Attorney; Publisher: NOLO

The step-by-step guide to running your LLC! This book offers everything you need to maintain the legal validity of your LLC before the courts and the IRS. It helps you approve and document important legal, tax and business decisions to create a paper trail that avoids legal trouble. The new 5th edition is completely updated and revised to include the latest laws and forms for all 50 states, as tear-outs and on CD-ROM. A highly recommended and easy-to-read book.


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