Change Registered Agents
in Delaware

About Registered Agent Services

Change of Registered Agent

Companies change their Registered Agent for any number of reasons, from lack of prompt service, to the Registered Agent not being available for questions, from the agent not actually residing in Delaware – just maintaining a mail forwarding address here, to not receiving the annual franchise bill.

To change your registered agent requires amending your Certificate of Incorporation (for corporations), or Certificate of Formation (for LLCs). The process is simple; we prepare the Certificate of Change of Registered Agent and/or Registered Office (for a corporation), or Amendment of Limited liability Company – Certificate of Change of Agent (for an LLC), for your signature.

Although it is not required, we highly recommend ordering a newly revised Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, or Certificate of Formation (for an LLC) during the process for maintaining your company’s legal documentation. Changing registered agent will legally alter the original document. This certified copy will include the name and address of your new Delaware registered agent certified by the Secretary of State as a true and legal document.

Please Note

We do not charge a processing fee to change registered agent; only the State filing fee and our Registered Agent fee for one year – $150 total. State of Delaware Expedited fee for 24 hour processing – $100 extra. Certified Copy of documents – $50 extra.

Please Note

The Change of Registered Agent is not permitted unless your company is in good standing with the Delaware Division of Corporations. If your Delaware business entity is no longer in good standing, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance owed to the Division of Corporations prior to Delaware accepting a Change of Registered Agent to be filed. Before filing, we check on your behalf the status of your company with the Division of Corporations to obtain a complete report of any fees and penalties due. Then we complete the process by making the payments, and filing the change, so you can get back to running your business. Please contact us for assistance.

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