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You are not required to reside in Delaware to incorporate in Delaware. Delaware law requires every corporation to have and maintain a Registered Agent in the State of Delaware. This may be an individual resident in the State of Delaware whose office is identical with the corporation's registered office, or a domestic corporation, or a foreign corporation authorized to transact business in the State.

Your Registered Agent is your representative in the State of Delaware who is responsible for receiving and forwarding legal documents on behalf of your corporation. Basic services performed by a Registered Agent include providing a street address for service of process in the State of Delaware, and forwarding to you official state documents such as the Annual Franchise Tax Report, or L.L.C. Tax Report when required.

The primary key function of a Delaware registered agent is receiving and forwarding franchise tax reports in a timely fashion. The State of Delaware does not require companies who incorporate here to furnish information about their owners such as home addresses or principal places of business. Therefore, the primary system the Secretary of State uses to deliver important documents, such as franchise tax reports, to these companies is through their registered agents. In the event you misplace the original report we send to you from the State, we can always order reprints of the original if you need them.

In the event that process is served upon your corporation or LLC at our office, we will scan and e-mail the document to you within 24 hours, and forward the original via Certified Mail at no charge.

As native Delaware residents and a professional entity formation firm, we serve as Registered Agent for Corporations and Limited Liability Companies worldwide. We also manage the entire Incorporating and LLC formation process quickly and accurately. Our firm is dedicated to performing quality professional service and we strive to make sure your Annual Franchise Tax, or LLC Tax Report, is paid on time to avoid penalties. We take your Delaware Incorporation and LLC process seriously – we live and work here.

Please Note

Our Delaware Registered Agent fee is $100 per year – guaranteed to remain unchanged.

First Year Registered Agent fee is FREE

When Advantage Delaware forms your Corporation or LLC, our Registered Agent fee is free for that year if formed between January 1st and September 30th. Your next Registered Agent fee will be due at the time you pay your Delaware Franchise Tax (March 1st for Corporations, and June 1st for LLCs)

If your Corporation or LLC was formed between October 1st and December 31st, our registered Agent fee is free for those three months plus the following year. Meaning your next Registered Agent fee will be due the following year when you pay your second Delaware Franchise Tax.

Registered Agent fee DISCOUNT

Pay 2 years of Registered Agent fees in advance for only $180 – 10% discount. 3 years of Registered Agent fees for only $240 – a 20% discount!

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