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There are many advantages to establishing and maintaining a physical presence in Delaware and the principals of Advantage Delaware have more than 25 years experience in performing services for a wide variety of domestic and international businesses. Please Note: Some States do not consider basic incoming mail forwarding and maintaining a local phone number to constitute "doing business" or having “nexus“ in Delaware. However, we can customize a package specifically designed to accomplish the goal of physical presence.

Our services include, but are not limited to the following:

> For an actual presence in Delaware, we can: locate a small office, negotiate a lease, furnish and decorate, equip with telephone service, computer, and internet connection.

> Maintain a Delaware operating office to meet your specific needs and budget.

> Provide telephone service with a phone number that we answer on our equipment, and is listed in the local telephone directory.

> Assist in setting up a bank account with one of the local financial institutions. This will provide a record of all your corporate funds and finances passing through Delaware.

> Banking services that can include maintaining the checkbook, paying bills, and transfer of funds.

> Management and accounting services for a Delaware Holding Company.

> Obtain any required local and State business licenses to stay in compliance with Delaware State law.

> Make arrangements for your annual or quarterly Board of Directors meetings.

> Professional service as a Board of Director member in Delaware. Compensation by salary or fee basis.

> Conduct board meetings via teleconference.

> Accounting and/or secretarial services.

> Prepare annual Federal and State of Delaware income tax returns.

> We can act as a full or part time employee on salary, or bill as an independent contractor for services performed.

A combination of the above Delaware office and administrative services can demonstrate a day-to-day operation of your Delaware Corporation. We can customize a program of services that will meet your individual on-going requirements, while remaining flexible so as to adapt to changing business needs.

Our reasonable fees are an excellent value. Our clients regard our fees as an investment rather than an expense. Fees are based on annual or quarterly retainers for basic services, payable at the beginning of the period for the upcoming period. All other services are negotiable and are payable in U.S. funds only at the beginning of the upcoming period.

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