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Delaware Presence

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Delaware Presence

We offer a range of invaluable services to assist our clients and their Delaware business entities in achieving their goals. The below services can establish a basic presence in the State of Delaware; however, please be aware that some states may not consider or recognize mail forwarding and telephone service as having an actual presence in Delaware. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Mail Forwarding

The use of our Wilmington, Delaware business street address and mail forwarding. Our address can be printed on your corporate letterhead and mail forwarding is performed on a weekly basis, or as mail comes in. We forward first class letter mail only (no bulk mail advertisements, magazines, catalogs, or packages) to addresses within the United States. Packages and courier delivery can be forwarded with pre-approval at your expense. Basic fee for the use of our address and domestic mail forwarding – $350 per year.

Electronic Mail Forwarding

The use of our Wilmington, Delaware business street address, and mail is forwarded to you by Fax or E-mail (no bulk mail advertisements, magazines, or catalogs). As your mail arrives, we immediately scan the contents for faxing, or into a pdf file for e-mailing to your address on a daily basis. This is a quick and efficient method of receiving mail. Your mail is then re-packaged and sent weekly via the U.S. Postal Service to your address. Depending on your location, our basic fee for Domestic Electronic Mail Forwarding service is – $400 per year. International Electronic mail Forwarding – $500 per year.

Customized Complete Package

This service offers the use of our Wilmington, Delaware business address, mail forwarding, opening a Delaware bank account, and a Delaware area code telephone number with Voicemail and Fax that you can access through your designated E-mail address. We offer a combination of the above services to meet your needs and requirements. Our fee is based on the set up cost, your location and the amount of mail to be forwarded. Please feel free to contact us for a quote on a customized package of our services.

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