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Please be aware that with some strategies used to reduce your corporate taxes, protect yourself from liability, render yourself judgment proof, or establish a level of privacy, would be at serious risk if your Delaware Corporation failed to be a viable, operating Delaware entity. With certain planning strategies and situations it may become essential for your Corporation or LLC to establish an actual "presence" in Delaware. An empty Corporate shell is not nearly as effective as an active Corporate presence.

In this age of computer networks, the power and authority of State taxing agencies is rivaling even that of the Internal Revenue Service. With new treaties, foreign nations are getting into the act. These taxing agencies are becoming more and more proficient at tax collection. It is almost imperative that with certain corporate entities, you will need the ability to prove your Delaware Corporation meets all the requisites of conducting business in the State of Delaware. Unless your Corporation establishes a certain degree of "nexus" in Delaware, you could be leaving large gaps in your well-planned corporate structure through which savvy revenue agents or creditors can and will invade.

Finally, for some corporations or LLCs, privacy in business activity is essential to success. A good example would be a corporation assembling properties necessary for expansion, or the acquisition of another company. A Delaware Corporation or LLC can provide the privacy needed for the financial success in negotiations and transactions. Another example would be a woman in Florida manufacturing items at home that she sells over an internet website. By maintaining a Delaware mailing address and phone number, she can protect her family’s privacy, and avoid customers, salespeople, and general curiosity seekers from calling her home or knocking at the door unannounced.

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