Accountant's Opinion
(CPA Letter)

We perform all procedures enabling us to issue an Accountant’s Opinion (also called a CPA letter) which your business needs to obtain a very secure layer of protection called an EV SSL for your site. EV SSL (Extended Validation Secure Socket Layer) provides a high-level of protection to your website.

For an example, visitors to a banking site would probably see the address bar turn green. This is the way that the EV works. This means that there is extra safety with the site using 128 Bit encryption along with secured controls that assure the validity of the site.

The issuance of an Accountant’s Opinion requires us to verify such
information as the:

> Legal name of your business

> Doing business as (DBA) name of your business

> Physical location of your business

> Telephone number of your business

> Name of the bank and bank account number used by your business

> Corporate officers of your business, and

> Other related procedures that are necessary in order for us to issue an Accountant’s Opinion

The purpose of the Accountant’s Opinion is to enable your business to obtain website certification.

At the conclusion of our work, assuming the above information is satisfactorily confirmed, we will issue the Accountant’s Opinion. This document is professionally typed, usually two or three pages, signed by a Certified Public Accountant, and is printed on our letterhead.

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