How to Establish a Delaware Corporation or LLC Outside the U.S.

Forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company in Delaware

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Complete LLC Formation Service: $800.00

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Establishing a Delaware Corporation or LLC Outside the U.S.



Most of our international clients form a Delaware business entity to operate within the United States. This requires minimum documentation; generally banks and other government authorities request only a Certified Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or the Certificate of Formation for a LLC. On occasion a Certificate of Good Standing may be requested – a document from the State of Delaware stating your Delaware business entity is valid and all Delaware fees and taxes are paid.

When registering your Delaware Corporation or LLC in another country outside the U.S., or opening a bank account in the business name, additional documents may be requested. Every country and every bank may have different requirements on the type of business documentation they require.

On occasion a Notarized Certificate of Incumbency may be requested. This is a document prepared by the registered agent confirming the names and identity of officers/ directors of a corporation or the members/managers of a Limited Liability Company.

For countries that are members of the Hague Convention all that is required is an Apostille attached to a document or a set of documents. On occasion we have seen a translation of each document from English to another language requested.

All of the above documents have different names in many countries. If you have any questions about the documents and their certification, please e-mail us and we will promptly reply. We can supply any of the above documents, at any time for a reasonable fee.

Please Note: Advantage Delaware LLC is a professional document filing service. We cannot supply Legal, Tax, or financial planning advice. If you require such advice, we can refer you to a knowledgeable CPA or attorney. We have an associate who is a Certified Public Accountant. He can answer U.S. federal and state taxation questions and has specialized in international taxation. Attorneys and Accountants charge for their time.

If you have questions regarding your Delaware business entity, please e-mail them to us. We will make every attempt to answer your questions. If we are unable, we will refer the questions to an Attorney or CPA with your approval.

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