How to Have a Delaware Presence for Non U.S. Residents

Forming a Corporation or Limited Liability Company in Delaware

Basic Incorporation or LLC Formation Service: $450.00

Complete Incorporation Service: $800.00

Complete LLC Formation Service: $800.00

Delaware Presence for Non U.S. Residents

U.S. Bank Account for your Delaware Business Entity

Use of our Address and Mail Forwarding: $400.00 per year

Office Lease and Mail Forwarding: $1200 per year

Wilmington, Delaware Virtual Office

Establishing a Delaware Corporation or LLC Outside the U.S.


U.S. Bank Account for your Delaware Business Entity

At the present time we cannot offer the service of opening a business bank account for Delaware Corporations and Limited Liability Companies owned by Non U.S. Citizens, due to the USA Patriot Act. Since 2014 the banks in the U.S. have changed their policies. Banks now have the policy “Know Your Customer,” meaning any and all authorized signers may need to be personally present in the bank to apply for a business account.

From our many years of past experience setting up business bank accounts we have found that the financial institutions may require most, if not all, of the following documentation when applying to open an account:

  1. A Certified copy of your entity formation document.
  2. A Good Standing Certificate.
  3. Employer Identification Number (also known as the Federal Identification Number) which is obtained from the Internal Revenue Service.
  4. Two forms of photo identification: you must have a good color copy of your Passport, and a second form of government issued photo identification for each signer on the account. Both forms of Identification should have the same address and must be current, do not present an expired ID.
  5. A permanent U.S. address. Banks will not accept a common Post Office Box. Currently, they generally prefer to see an office lease.
  6. A copy of both sides of a currently held Credit Card for each authorized signer.
  7. An excellent item to have is a letter of reference form Banks you are currently doing business with.
  8. A notarized Statement of Authorized Person(s), or a notarized Certificate of Incumbency.
  9. A copy of your Corporate Bylaws, or the Operating Agreement for an LLC.
  10. A written statement about the goods or services your business offers.
  11. Some banks now require non U.S. Citizens to have an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) which is obtained through the IRS.

Each bank has slightly different application requirements for documentation. The above list of items is only a basic suggestion; banks may require additional information. Every bank has a different approval policy for opening a business account with a non U.S. citizen as the primary signer. Please consider, when applying for a bank account, banks offer no guarantee they will approve the opening an account. The approval process, when the bank performs its due diligence, can take an hour or several days depending on the bank.

International Mail Forwarding: $400 per year

The use of our Wilmington, Delaware address is your Corporation or LLC business address in the United States. Mail forwarding is performed on a daily basis. We forward first class letter mail only (no bulk mail advertisements, magazines, catalogs, or packages) to just about anywhere on the planet. Packages and courier delivery can be forwarded with pre-approval at your expense. We also offer electronic mail forwarding at any time. We open the mail upon receipt, scan it into a PDF file, and e-mail the files to your supplied address.

We do not accept large packages to be forwarded containing computer or electronic equipment, perishable items like food products, health food supplements, pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, plants, or animals.

Please Note: We are very flexible with services to our international clients. The above price is based on basic U.S. Postal Service letter mail delivery to your location. If you need a more timely delivery, courier delivery via UPS or Federal Express can be arranged.

Office Lease and Mail Forwarding: $1200 per year

We offer a yearly office lease, prepared by an Attorney, for shared office space within our office building. The lease is for a minimum of one year, and includes mail forwarding as described above. We require payment in advance.

Wilmington, Delaware Virtual Office for Non US Residents

Whether you're opening a new office, starting a new business or need a conference room to hold a meeting, we offer a variety of solutions from the use of our Wilmington, Delaware office address for mail receipt and forwarding, to a formal lease for shared office space. Our services are designed for individuals and businesses needing a legitimate presence in the United States. Our affordable temporary or permanent shared office space is fully furnished and staffed with administrative assistance to meet your business needs. A virtual telephone and Fax can also be set up with local Delaware numbers for your business. Calls are professionally answered, and forwarded to a number of your choice. Messages are recorded and delivered anywhere in the world via e-mail. We can also provide a high profile identity with dedicated office space, as well as professional representation. Our fee for these services can vary depending on your requirements. Please contact us for detailed information.

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