International Corporations Forming Delaware LLCs

A properly structured foreign corporation (outside the U.S.) can offer asset protection from vicious lawsuits and creditors, as well as considerable tax reduction, deferral, or even claims of complete tax freedom. This can be accomplished in such a way that the individual or business can maintain privacy, asset protection, and enjoy a greatly reduced tax liability in double taxation situations.

This type of corporate structure is not for every individual or company; it depends on the nature of domestic and international business being conducted. A unique solution is required for each individual business entity. A number of factors need to be analyzed prior to incorporating such as: cash flow, currency exchange, banking regulations, corporate status, tax laws, compliance issues, treaties, and especially the political climate.

After forming your corporation, we highly recommend setting up systems for audit and review that can detect, prevent, control and recover any losses. Establishing relationships with the right professionals will enable you to adjust for business changes and growth. After all, the goal here is to maximize profits by reducing tax liabilities, protecting assets, and avoiding any litigation by government taxing agencies.

We are members of various societies and professional associations of independent firms who are committed to providing quality service and value for your money. We offer businesses a viable alternative to the large international accounting, tax consulting, and legal firms who charge tens of thousands of dollars. Please feel free to contact us at any time for further information and referrals.

Fair Warning

The principles of Advantage Delaware LLC are long time tax problem resolution specialists. Over the past 15 years we have witnessed far too many individuals and small businesses that have fallen prey to smooth-talking salespeople promoting illegal tax shelters. These innocent victims have lost assets, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and suffered years of anxiety. Beware of those touting "easy steps to never pay taxes again." These scams are still out there and people are still duped and misled by these people. Minimizing taxes legally is one thing; operating a business and never paying taxes again is just plain illegal.

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