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Certificate of Incumbency

Certificate of Incumbency is a written notarized statement that certifies the names of Officers of a Corporation or Members of a Limited Liability Company as of a specific date, and the positions they occupy. A Certificate of Incumbency has various other names: it is also known as an Incumbency Certificate, a Certificate of Officers, an Officer Certificate, a Register of Directors, and as a Secretary Certificate.

In the State of Delaware this notarized document is usually prepared by the company's Registered Agent. People, financial institutions, or government agencies who want information about the incumbents of a corporation may request a copy of the Certificate of Incumbency from the corporate secretary or member of an LLC.

This document is usually required by receiving organizations in foreign countries to make sure that the person who signed the documents on behalf of the company is actually authorized to do so. A properly executed Certificate of Incumbency allows professional sub-contractors, investors, banks, and government agencies to determine who has the authority to enter into agreements on behalf of an organization. This information document is updated as needed to reflect any reorganization of the company, or can be specific by confirming the authority of a corporate officer or agent to perform certain actions on behalf of the company.

An Apostille can be attached to a notarized Certificate of Incumbency for use in countries outside the U.S. who are members of the Hague Convention.

Please Note

You will be required to provide a passport image, or government issued ID for all persons listed on the Certificate of Incumbency. For us to prepare a Certificate of Incumbency the business entity must be in Good Standing with the State of Delaware. As your Registered Agent we normally include a current Certificate of Good Standing issued by the State of Delaware.

Certificate of Incumbency and Certificate of Good Standing: $180.

An Apostille attached to Certificate of Incumbency or both documents as a set: $60.

24 hour Expedited processing for both documents: $100.

Standard delivery outside the U.S. to the address of record for entity: $35 (courier delivery is extra).

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