Certified Copies

Certified Copies

Certificate of Good Standing


Certificate of Incumbency

A certified copy is a reproduction of an official document filed with the Delaware Secretary of State bearing the Secretary’s stamp and seal certifying a true and legal document.

Certified copies of Certificates of Incorporation (for a corporation), or of Formation (for an LLC) are generally required by another state when you register with them as a foreign company planning to transact business in their jurisdiction. Most financial institutions and banks also request a certified copy of the formation document when you open a business account, apply for a loan, or a line of Credit. We supply these certified copies when forming your business entity.

As your Registered Agent we can also supply Certified Copies of other documents that you may require, such as: the Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Amendment, Certificate of Renewal, Statement by the Secretary of State regarding a Name Change, etc. Sometimes, Federal and State Government agencies require certified copies of these documents prior to signing a contract.

A Delaware Certified Copy of a document now bears an authentication number which may be verified by the requesting party with the Delaware Division of Corporations by entering the code number on their website under Validate Certificate. This also allows the Certificate to be transmitted by E-mail or Fax for verification. The authentication number is valid for one year from the date of issuance.

Please Note

Certified Copies of state documents – $50. Delaware can take 1 to 6 weeks to process and mail a certified copy. For expedited processing Delaware fees are $50 extra for 24 hour service, or $60 extra for same day processing. As your Registered Agent we charge a small processing fee of $25 per request for documents (not per document) plus the cost of courier delivery.

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